For skin care as individual as you, creating the pathway to sustainable skin health that will care for your skin throughout your lifetime.

‘One size does not fit all and here you will find skincare that is as unique as your skin'


The Surrey Skin Clinic started with a clear vision to offer treatments and care that are truly customised to an individual and are as unique as your skin. Dedicated to knowledge for skin health, I follow the science of Corneotherapy which is an approach in which your skin barrier will be protected at all times. Most over the counter products and ‘on trend’ treatments end up compromising this, resulting in an endless cycle of redness, sensitivity and a skin that is unbalanced. The Surrey Skin Clinic uses a less is more and customised method delivering achievable and long lasting results allowing your skin to function at its best. Understanding how your skin functions is integral to the clinic as no two skins are alike. A one size fits all approach cannot address the individual needs of every skin. At The Surrey Skin Clinic, no two facials are the same- your skin is constantly changing and so should your facial.

I am proud to be a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (IAC) which shows my dedication and commitment towards achieving natural optimal skin. I am also full member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC).

Get in touch today and together we will create a pathway to sustainable skin health, that will care for your skin throughout your lifetime.

The Surrey Skin Clinic Owner



My Story

Hi, I’m Katie and I was your typical skincare enthusiast. Getting sucked into the marketing for that ‘miracle' cream and spending lots of money on treatments with no real understanding of what it is doing for my skin. If it promised it, I wanted it! But what I ended up with was a compromised skin barrier and a depleted bank account! Fed up with this endless cycle, I decided to get qualified in skincare, to offer treatments (and solutions) to clients that may have been stuck, like I was. After finishing my training, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of skincare so I could offer more to my clients, and I discovered Corneotherapy. This approach looks after your skin from the ‘outside in' and means your skin barrier will always be protected in the treatment room and through using the right products at home.

I strongly believe that it isn’t enough to address the symptoms I see, but by having a true understanding of the skin at a cellular level means real and lasting results, allowing your skin to function as it should - healthy and balanced.